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At Security 360 we have Security Guards for Hire in Sydney

Whatever your commercial or corporate needs, Security 360 can tailor a security solution that will expertly fill those needs.

If you talk to an old time expert carpenter and ask them how they achieve such great results, they will tell you that the answer is simple. Just have the right tools for the job!

Security 360 has all the right tools for any retail, construction and commercial security application. We can provide experienced and well-trained security guards in Sydney. Those security guards can be fixed or on patrol. We can design and implement an entire security plan that includes patrol services and closed circuit television monitoring. We can provide and monitor alarm systems and entire electronic alarm packages.

Security Plan

Our systems, including security guards for hire in Sydney, can provide patrol services and the necessary hardware to provide a comprehensive security plan for construction sites, retail complexes and apartment complexes and buildings. No matter what business you are in, we can come up with an efficient and effective security plan for you.

In this day and age, there are very few security applications as challenging as maritime and port security. We are industry leaders in this application. Just imagine the logistical challenges of providing security in a busy port. You have hundreds of workers and vehicles coming and going every day. You have thousands of pieces of cargo ranging from crates to storage containers to enormous pieces of equipment being loaded and unloaded. We provide Full maritime management services and security.

What If You Only Need One Security Guard for Hire in Sydney?

Whether you need one security guard for hire in Sydney or hundreds, we can fulfil your needs. Security 360 has highly trained security guards with a wide array of training ranging from Level One to Five qualifications. Our security guards can provide the full array of terminal and distribution centre security. They can provide patrol service, asset protection and car park management. Our security guards are also trained in parking and traffic enforcement and traffic control. As part of your overall security plan, they can provide security screening for your buildings, property and highly sensitive areas. If you need records of which employees access certain highly sensitive areas, such as server rooms, laboratories or records rooms, we can provide a security solution that provides those records and screens for anomalies.

We have developed security policies and systems for these ports that keep everything moving in an orderly manner. Those security plans must be efficient and effective, providing a manageable level of risk to the port itself, as well as the general public. These results can only be obtained by providing highly trained individuals with the right equipment. We go the extra distance with every security guard for hire in Sydney we provide.

This demonstrated capability in the most challenging environments is what sets Security 360 apart from the rest. No commercial security application is too big or too small for Security 360. We are your source for one security guard in Sydney or many.

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