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Australia is ranked as the world’s 5th largest shipping nation according to the Guide to Australian Maritime Security Arrangements if tonnes of cargo shipped and distance travelled are the two factors being considered. In 2015, Maritime activities accounted for $20 billion dollars of the Australian economy. The maritime industry is growing even in the face of increased security threats. On the open seas, piracy has become far too commonplace. In ports, in maritime facilities, and aboard vessels, the people and cargo must be protected. Smuggling and illegal activities are ever increasing. It’s no wonder then that Maritime security is more critical than ever. Enter Security 360.

Security 360 is a leader in the security industry, including maritime management services. We provide custom, private security protection solutions for corporate clients, and government entities. We provide experienced, reliable, well-managed security services, using dedicated, trained, professional security guards near Melbourne. Our Maritime team achieves the strongest security results, yet we are competitively priced. At Security 360, we use high and low technology tactics. Our low technology tactics include the use of high-security binoculars, to detect suspicious activity; and, we use short security guard rotations, enabling our security guards to always be mentally and physically fresh and alert, which in turn ensures that we provide you with strong security. Of course, we use high-technology tactics too.

Maritime Management Services and Security Guards in Melbourne includes:

  • Port Security
  • Facility Security
  • Vessel Security
  • Infrastructure
Security 360’s Maritime security guards for hire in Melbourne are highly trained and use cutting-edge tools and services, guaranteed to be the industry’s leading security products, in both high quality and cost. Security 360 ensures strong security wherever you need it.

Threat Management

A Security 360 security guard for hire has the expertise and resources to effectively manage maritime security. Maritime security includes effective threat management, and we decompose it down into four phases:

  • Prevent: Risk assessment to mitigate risk to acceptable levels and create security culture
  • Prepare: Knowing the type of vessel and cargo means we understand the types of attack that vessel may face and we prepare accordingly
  • Rapid response: Cutting-edge communication tools and short rotations enables our security guards to remain alert, able to take action quickly to prevent or stop an attack
  • Recover: Supportive aftermath actions in the event of a security event
Security 360: Private Security

The maritime private security industry evolves continuously. Ten years of former military personnel shifting over into the private security world means that bomb disposal experts and personal protection (bodyguard) services may be available on a security team. Whether you are a retail or industrial business, commercial organisation, or governmental body, Security 360 is a market leader in Melbourne on a diverse range of security services and security guard solutions in Melbourne. Call or email us today, and tell us about your security concerns. We’ll come in and gather your requirements and conduct the appropriate analyses. Security 360 is your ideal solution for all your security needs.

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