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Many businesses believe that hiring security experts to come up with and implement an overall security plan is too expensive and will cost them more money than it's worth, or that they simply can't afford it. This assumption couldn't be further from the truth. The reality is that most companies can't afford not to implement such policies and procedures.

Australian Federal Police statistics indicate that approximately seventy percent of business fraud losses are attributable to staff and former staff. Those losses cost businesses over 1.5 Billion Dollars a year. In 2014 the Australian Retailers Association estimated that fifty-five percent of all stock shrinkage is the result of employee theft.

Keep in mind that those numbers only relate to inventory shrinkage losses. They do not include vandalism to property or equipment or business interruption resulting from security breaches or suspicious activity. They certainly do not include losses associated with accidents or occurrences that result from employees not following policies and procedures. A hidden cost that is significant is the cost of investigating a loss after it has occurred, disciplining the employee and replacing a fired employee.

Why You Need Security Guards in Brisbane

When you implement a comprehensive security plan, including security guards in Brisbane, your employees see that you are serious about security. This has multiple positive effects upon the workplace. First, there is a deterrent effect upon the employees as they realise that if they engage in conduct that results in losses, they are more likely to get caught. A secondary benefit is that your employees sense a far more professional environment and feel that their safety and security is important to them, and they are then more satisfied in the workplace. This additional job satisfaction makes it much less likely that they will risk their continued employment by engaging in employee theft.

These employee losses are only one aspect of why your company should implement a comprehensive security plan that includes security guards for hire in Brisbane. When visitors or customers visit your business, they will feel that your business has greater value, as there is something for the security guard to protect. They also will be hesitant to engage in wrongful conduct while on the property. Young vandals are far more likely to attack a property with no visible security, rather than one with a visible security guard for hire. A patrolling security guard can minimise other losses. If an accidental fire ignites during non-business hours, the security guard can take action to control the blaze and contact the appropriate fire authorities. If there is a chemical spill or water leakage, mitigating action can be taken immediately rather than allowing it to go unchecked until normal business hours.

Security Plans and Security Guards for Hire in Brisbane

Call Security 360 today for a comprehensive security evaluation. We can discuss various security options with you and come up with a plan that meets your needs. That plan may involve a security guard for hire, CCTV monitoring, security screening or traffic control. We will discuss the costs associated with various plans and make recommendations as to which security techniques are most effective for your business and property.

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