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Does Your Sydney Company Need Video Surveillance? 

Many large enterprises and organisations throughout Australia are already using video surveillance systems to monitor their premises, protect private property and prevent theft. However, when it comes to much smaller or medium-sized businesses, there is often a question of whether or not video surveillance is necessary. If it is necessary, when is a business large enough to justify the investment?

Working with Security 360 for CCTV Coverage of Your Property

If you are curious about video surveillance, you might consider asking a security consulting company in Sydney about these types of systems. At Security 360, we are a security company in Sydney that offers comprehensive security solutions for businesses like yours. From security guard patrols to access control systems, we help enterprises safeguard their assets with multiple different types of protection.

Among our available products are CCTV systems (closed-circuit television systems). We can install security cameras in and around your premises. We can even provide an ongoing monitoring service for you, to watch the feeds from your cameras and react to any potential threats, thefts, trespasses or other crimes.

Why Work with Security Companies in Sydney for CCTV Protection?

If you are looking for a CCTV system installation in Sydney, you can count on Security 360 to provide it. If you are still unsure about the cost-to-benefit relationship for a video surveillance system, though, consider these advantages that CCTV systems offer:
  • They help prevent theft: Whether you run a retail store and are dealing with shoplifters or operate a shipping warehouse where break-ins sometimes occur during the night, a security surveillance system can help. By working with a security consulting company in Sydney to add CCTV cameras to your building and premises, you can either scare thieves away or catch them on video committing a crime.
  • They help provide evidence: If you do catch a crime on video, it can serve as evidence to help police track down the thief or to assist in the prosecution of the burglar. Cameras can catch faces, licence plate numbers and other identifying characteristics.
  • They protect restricted areas: Do you have restricted areas throughout your worksite? If so, can you be sure that customers, unauthorised employees or other unwanted visitors aren't entering those areas? From hazardous materials to sensitive information to fragile equipment, restricted areas are off-limits for a reason. Constant surveillance helps discourage trespassing and enforce limited access.
  • They can provide a boost to your image: Customers and employees who see video cameras know your company is taking a stance against theft, workplace violence and other unwanted behaviours. Security cameras help maintain a safer work environment by keeping everyone accountable, which can improve your brand image among customers, employees and prospective employees alike.
Do you think it's time for your business to invest in CCTV surveillance? If so, count on the right security company in Sydney to do the job: call Security 360 today! You can reach us by dialling 1300 63 14 15.

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