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Working with a Security Consulting Company in Melbourne 

Construction sites are the scenes of the homes and great businesses of tomorrow. Unfortunately, they also often attract thieves and inquisitive kids and teenagers.

Indeed, thefts from construction sites are not uncommon—whether the thieves are looking for copper wire, lumber, tools or other building supplies and equipment. Vandalism isn't uncommon either, with construction vehicles and unfinished buildings drawing an unwelcome level of attention from midnight troublemakers.
As for trespassing, kids, teens and daredevils will sometimes try to explore construction sites—whether because of curiosity or a desire for cheap thrills. Because construction sites are often unstable and dangerous, these types of trespass can lead to injury or death. In such instances, there may be a question of legal liability—something that no construction site manager or building company wants to contemplate.

Security for Your Construction Site

All of these threats make it a worthwhile choice to work with a Melbourne security company to safeguard your construction site. What kind of protection does your worksite need, and what types of security solutions are going to provide it?

At Security 360, we are a security consulting company in Melbourne that frequently extends services to businesses in the construction sector. If you have an unsecured worksite and are worried about theft, damage or liability, you can count on us to provide the protective solutions you need.

You may well already have the basic foundations of a construction site security system in place. Though not always directly associated with the security industry, fences, locked gates and 'No Trespassing' signs (as well as other posted notices) can do a lot to cut down on trespassing and prevent its various potential consequences. If you make it difficult for trespassers to access your construction site—and make it clear that they are not allowed to be on the premises—you will deter at least the less determined invaders.

When you choose Security 360 as your security company in Melbourne, we can provide the solutions necessary to block out these so-called 'determined invaders.' From alarm systems to access control to CCTV surveillance systems, we can provide you with the devices you need to deter thieves or at least stay aware of their presence. Security 360 will even offer monitoring services for you, to ensure that, when your alarms go off or your cameras spot a red flag, the authorities will be on their way ASAP.

To provide some extra protection, Security 360 also has a team of qualified, experienced, and well-trained security guards. They can patrol the perimeters of your construction site after dark and be there as first-responders to any unwanted trespassing.

Choose Security 360 as Your Security Consulting Company in Melbourne

If you've been considering security companies in Melbourne to help with your construction site security, look no further than Security 360. Not only do we offer a wide range of security solutions and services, but we also have experience providing security to construction industry clients. You can count on us to provide the tailored security your site needs.

Are you interested in learning more about our services at Security 360? Call us today on 1300 63 14 15.

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