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Commercial Security in Sydney

Security 360 is an experienced service leader in the Australian service industry, motivated to help your corporation control and minimise or eliminate corporate risk. We offer modern, customised security solutions to satisfy your security needs. Our security personnel are experienced security professionals, dedicated to corporate security, and servicing commercial, retail, construction and government entities. Security 360 operates throughout Sydney and in areas of Melbourne, with a goal to provide service Australia-wide. Our code of conduct is stellar and meets the Australian government’s standards and regulations. Our security guards and security officers are fully licensed.

Security 360 is the professional security team to call, for all your corporate security needs in Sydney. With extensive experience providing leading-edge commercial security services near Sydney via our security specialists. In the supply of professional management services, for corporate and business clients, Security 360 is second to none. We strive to provide peace of mind for our corporate clients by delivering outstanding security. We are efficient, reliable, and organised in our approach to each corporate culture we service.

Security 360 supplies government and commercial clients with an array of services provided by knowledgeable personnel able to assist with a diverse range of functions and events. Our professional, licensed team are experienced in the art of providing trustworthy corporate security guards and security operations management to suit your specific needs.

Communication Is Key for Corporate Security Agencies

We provide a powerful security service that is testament to our dedication to our corporate clients. At Security 360, we believe in regular, ongoing communication and meetings between our corporate clients' representatives and our security personnel. Continuous and regular communication ensure that we deliver effective security service results, which meet or exceed our client expectations. 360 Security guards perform security and safety assessment risks, of the various parts of your organisation, at the start of our client relationship and on an ongoing basis, to ensure solutions that are best-fit for your corporation and tailored to your requirements. As a result of risk assessments, safety assessments, and other analyses that we perform at the beginning of our client relationship with you, we also may make additional recommendations, which may be outside of your requirements, but which we believe are necessary to ensure your organisation, assets, and people are protected.

Asset Management

For asset management, Security 360’s security guards know how to apply our training, and we will use all systems, tools, processes, and strategic measures at our disposal, to ensure assets are accurately protected. We take asset management very seriously, and we will assist in documenting and implementing your policies and procedures document for protecting your assets. We will also assist in corporate efforts regarding training to ensure that every staff member in your organisation knows and follows the asset and security measures and procedures that your corporation puts into place

Reliable, dedicated corporate security in Sydney and Melbourne is at your fingertips. Security 360 is the ideal corporate and governmental entity choice. Drop us a line or email us today to get started. We are happy to discuss your security needs!

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