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Security 360: Commercial Consultants for Melbourne 

What sets Security 360 apart from other commercial security firms in Melbourne? If we had to narrow it down to one factor, it would be versatility.

Like any corporate security company have our specialities and strengths, but what makes us an effective choice for our clients is our ability to make security efficient and effective for different environments. Between our well-trained security guards, our state of the art security tech and our exemplary customer service, we can devise the ideal corporate security strategy for many different types of businesses in Melbourne.

Who We Work With

At Security 360, our top speciality is in maritime and port security. Working with port owners and operators, we can devise effective security solutions for shipyards, harbours and other seaside maritime facilities. As far as maritime security is concerned, we are certainly among the industry leaders.

However, maritime is not the full extent of our security consulting work in Melbourne. On the contrary, it is merely the tip of the iceberg. We also provide effective security solutions for commercial properties, retail stores and shopping centres, large car parks, construction worksites, transport distribution centres (train and trucking), apartment complexes and more.

We can span all of these various industries with our corporate security services in Melbourne because of the simplicity and far-reaching advantages of our solutions. These include:

  • Highly trained security guards: Experienced and qualified personnel are at the heart of any commercial security strategy—whether in Melbourne or elsewhere. Our security guards can provide patrol and watch services to your facility or worksite, lending on-site protection to your assets and your personnel.
  • Security systems: The Security 360 team can outfit your facility with the security safeguards it needs for minimum protection. These installations include CCTV cameras and alarm systems. With these fixtures in place, you will be able to enjoy greater peace of mind that your office, store, facility or worksite is at least under surveillance.
  • Security system monitoring: Speaking of surveillance, our Security 360's corporate security team in Melbourne can also monitor your CCTV system so that you don't have to. Our operatives will observe the CCTV footage and watch for anything suspicious. If we notice anyone or anything out of place, we will alert the authorities. Consider us your security control room.

Hire Security 360 for Your Commercial Security in Melbourne

As you can see, the security solutions that we offer at Security 360 are powerful, versatile and of universal use to businesses looking to protect themselves. If you have been looking for an experienced team of security consultants in Melbourne, call Security 360 today. We will employ the above strategies and others to provide the security your business deserves—whether your business is in the maritime industry or serving the public in a popular retail shopping centre.

If you are interested in working with our team at Security 360, get in touch with us directly to start discussing your security needs. You can reach us by dialling 1300 63 14 15.

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